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Keeping cool in your caravan

Keeping cool in your caravan

Posted 10 July 2018

Tips for keeping cool 1. Depending on where your unit is positioned on a holiday park, it will no doubt have a sunny side and a shady side at different times of the day

When the sun ‘s blazing down, on the caravan’s shady side open the windows and on the sunny side close curtains or blinds to reduce the heat of the sun and open windows slightly. Opening roof lights will also help the heat to rise on out of the caravan. And if you have patio doors, then fling them open to let the air circulate.

2. There are a number of small desktop fans on the market which can be effective at circulating the air. One tip is also to place a wet towel in front of the fan to cool the air slightly – don’t drape over the fan or place to close to any moving parts though and always turn off electrical equipment when you’re not in your caravan or when retiring to bed for the evening to prevent fire.

3. Another option is to invest in either a portable air conditioning unit or have one fitted to the roof or wall to help cool the inside of the caravan. It will increase your energy consumption, but you’ll likely get a good night’s sleep and plenty of opportunity to relax in comfort, even during the hottest hours of the day.

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